Christchurch Call Advisory Network Coordinator – Christchurch Call Advisory Network

Job Description
Who we are: The Christchurch Call Advisory Network (CCAN) consists of leading organizations and individuals from civil society, academia, and the technical community convened as part of the Christchurch Call, which emerged as a response to the Christchurch massacre on March 15, 2019, when 51 Muslims were killed during prayer. The CCAN exists to provide expert advice on implementing the commitments in the Call in a manner consistent with a free, open, and secure internet and with international human rights law. CCAN balances a spectrum of civil society, internet governance, and human rights concerns, including the right to be free from deprivation of life and incitement to violence, as well as the right to free expression. CCAN accomplishes its work through meaningful collaboration with governments, civil society organizations, and private sector actors. Your role: This exciting inaugural position for the Network will help us ensure that civil society has the tools needed to actively participate in and influence the work of the Christchurch Call. This position will work with the Network to build organization structures from the ground up and engage with current Network members. Someone interested in technology policy and/or multistakeholder governance, and is excited about building something new and facilitating cutting-edge discussions will excel in this role. The Coordinator will wear several hats, including operational and membership engagement. A little more than half of your time will be spent coordinating the efforts of the Network. This will include scheduling and facilitating meetings and events, collating and distributing notes, communications activities like keeping the website updated and writing emails and newsletters, and general stakeholder management. You’ll also facilitate webinars and other external engagement. The rest of your time will be spent engaging with current members of the Network to assess their expertise, capacity and priority interests, with the goal of creating a report on membership with target areas for engagement with current and potential members, and targeted outreach. You should be great at connecting dots, be organised and a good listener with strong attention to detail. This role is largely autonomous, so we need you to be self-motivated and able to manage multiple and busy stakeholders to get things done (in other words you have a natural bias to action and the ability to herd opinionated cats). Administration (60%): increase CCAN capacity by supporting CCAN co-Chairs with operational duties such as, but not limited to:
Website development and setting up IT systems (such as shared drives or communication tools)
Supporting working groups and sub-committees
Communications and intra-group liaison
Scheduling of meetings and public webinars; note taking
Document preparation and archiving
Support for CCAN representation at or participation in Christchurch Call events
Mapping Project (40%): Undertake a mapping exercise on the CCAN membership including but not limited to:
Designing, implementing and reporting on interviews with CCAN members aimed to assess expertise, capacity and priority interests.
Presenting data in a way that is accessible to stakeholders (civil society, governments and companies)

Key outputs will include:
Setting up a website for CCAN and keeping it up to date
Establishing digital communication channels
Establishing document storage systems
Convening ‘peer learning environments’ and/or webinars, making these widely accessible and promoting them across various networks and media
Providing administrative support to CCAN meetings (internal, with government partners, and with other stakeholders)
Completing mapping exercise of CCAN members – this will enable government, company and other CCAN supporters to more readily engage with the appropriate parts of the network on any given issue.

Outcomes: We expect the following to be true as a result of your work with us:
CCAN is leading discussions on issues related to online terrorist and violent extremist content, including definitions of those terms
Meetings and webinars are well organised and attended
There is a growing awareness of CCAN and its expertise across governments, companies and civil society organisations
Increased connectedness of CCAN with other organisations and initiatives, including GIFCT, OECD and others
Better sharing of information and research within CCAN and with other interested parties
Compensation and Logistics: This will be a contract role with InternetNZ, a founding member of CCAN. Day-to-day management will be provided by a designated CCAN co-chair, with an InternetNZ staffer providing additional support as needed (e.g. interfacing with InternetNZ systems and policies).
Pay: You will be paid $50 NZD per hour for an average of 20 hours per week, not to exceed $51,900 NZD over 12 months. We have secured funding from the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to support this role for one year, and will look for additional funding to extend beyond that point.
Equipment: You will need to provide your own computer and phone, and have a reliable connection to the internet.
Location: Remote, New Zealand preferred; if located in Wellington or Auckland you may be able to work from an InternetNZ office if desired.
Travel: While we do not anticipate travel in the next few months, there may be some meetings that require travel as long as doing so is reasonably safe and logistically possible.
Start date: Flexible, ideally by early September.

Interest in the mission of the Advisory Network (see “about us above”)
Demonstrated interest in one or more of the following areas a plus: human rights, terrorism and violent extremism, content moderation, digital rights, technology, online harassment, multistakeholder governance
Familiarity with Google Workspace (Mail, Calendar, Drive, etc.)
Experience working with people from different linguistic, religious, geographic, or cultural backgrounds
Understanding systems of oppression, hegemony, power, discrimination, and how these lead to marginalisation and unequal starting points for individuals, communities and nation states
Knowledge of human rights, and rights-based approaches
Good written and oral communication skills
Fluency in at least one other language besides English is a plus

How to Apply
Submit your CV/resume and a cover letter addressing the qualifications above to
Applications will close on Monday, 16th August 2021 at 5pm (NZT)
This is a role within the Christchurch Call Advisory Network. InternetNZ is hosting this contractor placement.