Merger Project Manager – Soil & Health Association NZ – Auckland

Job Description for a Project Manager to merge BioGro Society    with the Soil & Health Association of New Zealand


Manager of the project to merge BioGro Society    with the Soil & Health Association of NZ

Responsible to:

The Chairs of BioGro Society and Soil and Health Assoc of NZ

Works with:          

BioGro Society Council, Soil & Health National Council,

Nominated staff from both organizations,

Contracted experts

May be located anywhere in NZ but preference may be given to applicants residing in a main centre.


April 2015 until July 2016


Responsible for the overall coordination, implementation and completion of all elements required to complete a legal merge of two NGOs, namely BioGro Society with Soil & Health Association of NZ, consistent with the requirements of both BioGro Society Council and the Soil and Health Association NZ National Council.

Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities

Lead the planning and implementation of the project being mindful of existing progress

Define project tasks and resource requirements

Develop full scale project plans

Assemble and coordinate additional project personnel if necessary. This may Include staff or councillors from both organisations and additional expertise from outside the organisations

Manage project budget

Manage project resource allocation

Plan and schedule project timelines

Track project deliverables using appropriate tools

Provide direction and support to project team

Constantly monitor and report on progress of the project to all stakeholders

Manage correspondence from memberships

Education and Experience

Qualification in project management or equivalent
Proven work experience in project management of one year or more
Proven experience in people management
Proven experience in strategic planning
Proven experience in risk management
Proven experience in change management

Key competencies

An understanding of NGOs
Knowledge of the process to merge two NGOs
Critical thinking and problem solving skills
Planning and organizing
Communication skills ranging from personal to use of media
Influencing and leading
Team management
Conflict management

Key Performance Indicators

Complete a plan and budget for merging at AGM 2016 by 1st June 2015

Communicating with members and stakeholders -complete an agreed on initial phase by AGM 2015.

Completion of an understanding of the legal steps required to complete this merge by AGM 2015.

Progress will be reviewed 3 monthly.

Remuneration and hours of work

The contractor has flexibility in when time is spent on this contract.

The contract will be from 1st May 2015 until the 1st July.

It is expected that the contractor will complete 520 hrs.

Total remuneration is $15,600 excluding GST.

Reasonable expenses will be reimbursed and will be negotiated prior to the contract beginning.

The Contractor will supply invoices monthly.

If you believe you would be a good fit for this position, please email with “Applicant Merger project manager” in subject line to: and cc (copy to) Dennis Enright at . Please including your CV.

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